Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Carola Bott

Carola Bott began at BV floor town near their home town with the badminton. Early showed their talent and the age of seven she won her first tournament. At the German U-15 Championships, she won the 1999 title in double . This success could be repeated two years later in the U-17 class. 2003. In 2003 she won the European Championship with the German junior national team the gold medal.

Carola Bott in Green Costume

BC Bischmisheim came, but only the second team to use. In the 2006/07 season, she moved therefore to FC Langenfeld , where they together with the Polish woman Kamila Augustyn in the 1 Bundesliga spielte. Bundesliga played. Since 2007 she is playing again at the first BC Bischmisheim .

Carola Shooting the Shuttlecock

About the Badminton Sport also known Bott was their appearance on the field: She was one of the first players that are more in the normal badminton clothing but in skin-tight one-splitters took no idea how the women's tennis are common. Because of this and because of their appearance, they will often crop up with Anna Kournikova compared, the trend in tennis triggered this. She was already in the men's magazine Maxim 2004 issue) to see September (and received offers of Playboy , which she refused. In addition to the Badminton Bott works after their training in office management will continue in their profession.

Carola Bott Badminton Player
Carola Bott Look Beautiful Used Casual Clothes
Great Performance from Carola
Carola Bott Expression

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